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A quiet night’s reflection

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Jul 11
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Take a walk with me

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//Currently writing an opener. Let me know if anyone is interested! I feel like I need to get to know all of you still C:

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Jun 19
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Beneath the Stars - Sakura


“They’re not blur…blurry!” It actually took her a while to pronounce the word right. “You’re just blind, that’s all…!” she turned a heel towards him, clenching her hands into fists. She failed to notice, however, that he did not deny her words after that. 

When they arrived at the shop, Sakura could already tell it was closed but her body seemed to just keep on walking with the strange hope she could be proven wrong. It was only when Sasuke told her it was closed that the fact seemed to sink in. “You were too slow, that’s why…!” she huffed and clicked her tongue in annoyance, acting as though that was the only reason. The shops have been closed for a quite a while, and they could just be wandering around together under the night sky.

She sighed heavily, calming down a little as she gave in and nodded. Why was he so…collected? She could hear herself rambling like this—but nothing seemed to stop her from doing so. The alcohol told her this was perfectly normal—so she believed it. “I just..wanna diiiiiie, Sake-suke.” she groaned, resting her head on his shoulder.  Something filled up inside her and she didn’t like it. It told her she had things to do, but she couldn’t remember—-and it only made her head ache more. 

“My head hurts….” she muttered under her breath, rubbing her temples. Where were they supposed to head off to now? Walking from the store they had just visited, she sees faint neon lights flashing up ahead. She felt her head throb. “Dammit, what the hell is that? Stupid lights should…stop being so bright…” she wasn’t even aware it was also a shop that was open.

She heaved a breath, covering her eyes with her free hand as the other held onto his. It was more of an unconscious gesture—-Sakura just wanted to keep her balance, since falling off was not an option. She wasn’t drunk enough to not care about that. She was conscious enough to be aware of that at the very least. 

Sasuke watched the small pink haired girl’s reflection sway within the shop’s window, eyebrow high; cigarette still glowing between his lips. With a snort at her misplaced blame he turned to amble down the poorly lit street knowing full well she’d follow. A moment later his ears were treated to the sound of clumsy footsteps and a groaned version of his new name. 

He turned his head slightly to speak over his shoulder as she gained on him. “Oh? I thought you wanted to drink." He mocked the girl’s discomfort, the smirk on his lips lending it’s tilt to his smoke. She was beside him now with a muttered complaint, fingers working at her temples and he turned his attention back to the street before them. 

Lights. There were lights, shop lights and the red of a neon OPEN sign. His expression fell at the sight. ‘Great.’ He complained to himself, dark eyes already scanning for a detour before his companion took notice- /”Dammit, what the hell is that?”/ …’too late.’  His slender fingers moved to his mouth, hiding his curse beneath another long drag. ‘She really shouldn’t have any more.. and yet- damn I want a drink.’

Once again Sasuke found himself sighing, this had to be the hundredth time tonight. What was it about this girl? How could she frustrate him so and yet at the same time make him wonder what he’d be missing if he left? He stopped a few feet from the store and cigarette spent, he dropped it to his feet. A glimmering trail of embers marked his movement, the sharp sound of his heel scratching against the rough pavement as he snuffed out the remains.

It must have startled her because she jumped then, stumbled; her eyes covered with one hand. He was quick to hide his amusement, her drunken antics once again getting the best of him. Then there was a hand on his -in his- and he hadn’t pulled away. She’d caught herself, used him for balance perhaps; hadn’t pulled away either. He lifted his gaze to the store, lights blazing before them. Glanced beside him at Sakura, who’d fallen strangely quiet and asked again:

Shall we?

May 26
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Where the Wind Blows - Hinata



Spend the night with me?” Tonight was so strange, maybe she just had to go along with it. She shook her head, a blush crept into her pale cheeks. Spend the night with him? Outside under the moon, in the chilly air? Oh, maybe they could have tea and cake.. Hm, that would be lovely.. She cleared her throat and avoided his dark eyes and took in his fine lips shaped into a smirk.

“Ano, what do you expect to do? I - I mean, I’m sure you can get much more work done -” she motioned to his camera. “without me. And..” She didn’t even know his name. Fingers that itched to fidget, she shoved them into her pockets and asked, her blush spreading.

“What is your name?”

His baited question hung heavy in the air between them as he awaited her reaction. A toss of her hair, a shake of her head, moonlight dancing within her eyes as evidence of her fluster dusted her cheeks. His gaze flitted from point to point, intrigued by the nuances of her thoughts exposed. He bit back a chuckle, ‘She’s going to say yes, it’s written all over her face.’ and waited for her to discover this herself. 

Stalling, that’s what she tried instead, much to his displeasure. A motion to his camera, a mention of work, and blushing; always blushing. ‘Work?' The word was hardly fitting, his photographs could never fall into the meager boundaries of profession; he wouldn't allow it. Sasuke shrugged mostly to himself, she couldn't know that; didn't even know his name in fact. /”What is your name?”/ The question came as if he’d cued her with his very thoughts.

Uchiha Sasuke.” He replied, in so much as a grunt. Proper introduction didn’t suit him, felt forced. He’d rather just know and be known, made things simpler. His thoughts ran to business meetings, job titles and false civility permeated with endless handshakes. A bitter taste filled his mouth and he shook it off quickly. “As for my intentions, I hadn’t given them much thought,"He tilted his head aside, watching her with sharp black eyes. "and I can assure you work is far from on my mind.

May 23
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Apr 06
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Beneath the Stars - Sakura


“What? It looks perfect,” Sakura answered with a hint of disappointment in her tone as he made a grab for what she assumed was now his /invaluable/ camera. “Then again…maybe it’s really just your face that makes your…’face’ look attractive,” she muttered as the words just slipped her lips without giving them a second thought.

“I dunno…! Could ya stop being so pretty and let the camera do it for you??” She huffed softly then stood up, brushing the grass and dirt off her brown slacks. Unfortunately, her eyes were making her see things that disrupted her normal vision so it took a few stumbles and trips before she regained her balance. Sakura found herself cursing a little along the way too. “Stupid grass is in the way…” she cursed under her breath, kicking small patches as she headed off to the park’s exit.

After a few seconds of walking, it was only then that she remembered of him. What was his name? Uchiha…something. “Oi… You comin’ or what?” she grunted, turning to him as she tried to look intimidating—-but her flushed cheeks and tired eyes must have told her companion otherwise. “Where’d you get this stuff again, Sake-suke.” Oh, so it was now that she remembered his name. It was funny how she only remembered of him whenever alcohol was involved. Her voice was little more demanding than it should have been, but she wasn’t aware of it.

Sakura was shameless at this point, and perhaps, even one bottle wasn’t enough for her either. They should go out and buy some more. He wouldn’t mind now, would he? It looked like he needed a little more given that he had still been scowling up to this point on. “You should have brought like…a whole pack today, y’know.” She turned, growing a bit conscious of her actions—but her words weren’t thought as carefully. She was speaking whatever crossed her mind. Was she scaring him off? Hopefully not as much. 

Sasuke arched an eyebrow in disbelief at her slurred reply. “Perfect? This is your idea of perfect?” He flipped through the images for her, keeping his camera just out of her reach (he wouldn’t make that mistake again), “They’re nothing but blurs.” and paused for her agreement. Her response was far from expected and almost as difficult to make sense of. ‘Did she just call me..pretty?’ He turned to her with a slow contemplating blink and found her standing rather unsteadily beside him. 

As he watched her stumbling away, cursing and kicking at the grass in a manner suggesting it had horribly wronged her, Sasuke vaguely wondered if he should stop her. He shouldn’t let her wonder off in such a state, right? Who knows what kind of trouble she’d get into chasing the laughter of stars. He inwardly chastised himself for even thinking the term like it was something real. 

‘Maybe she’ll be fine on her own-’ /”Oi… You comin’ or what?"/Sasuke instantly groaned, deep and world-weary; so much for that. It seemed she’d made the decision for him, and he found himself amused by the look in her eye. Intimidation didn’t suit her on the best of days, yet here she was trying it -on him- completely inebriated. He stood, more out of obligation than anything else, and dusted himself off.

I just had to share my sake.’ Sasuke growled to himself, eye twitching irritably at the nickname she’d bestowed upon him. She was asking him about the sake and he couldn’t help thinking that it might make present company much more tolerable. He hadn’t had nearly enough for this. /“You should have brought like…a whole pack today, y’know.”/ He couldn’t hold back his smirk at her comment. “Oh, I know.

He strolled over to her in slow deliberate steps, lighting up a smoke as he did so. He was much more steady on his feet than she was, but not entirely unaffected. “Place is closed,”he said simply as he reached her, “we’ll find something.”Sasuke took a lengthy drag from his cigarette, blowing the smoke in a white curling stream against the inky sky, and nodded to the exit closest to them. 

Shall we?

Mar 11
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Where the Wind Blows - Hinata


Yes, it is a loaded question – and I could ask myself the same thing.
She tried to calm her inner turmoil before she lifted her gaze to his, revealing glossy eyes with confusion swirling around in their depths. She didn’t expect the man to be so… Sincere. She didn’t expect his gaze to be travelling everywhere besides on her. Hinata had always had a sense of when someone was lying to her. Most of the time she was correct, but could this young man truly be genuine in his apology?
He was just a boy… having fun with what the night had to offer – and she ended up walking between that. He looked so familiar, she didn’t think she had seen him before but maybe she noticed him once from the corner of her eye? She clenched her fingers around the end of her jersey, taking a deep breath in and as she breathed out, all the panic went with it. She raised her voice only slightly and smiled gently, “I – I apologize for – ano, overreacting.” She shook her head and chuckled softly. What in the world has happened tonight?
“You’ve surprised me and – and I didn’t expect to bump into anyone tonight, especially someone so…” Handsome. She bowed quickly, her heart beginning to race for another reason, completely embarrassed by her stumble and bowing to get some time for her blush to fade. “Gomenasai! I didn’t mean to interrupt your photography. Please, continue.” And with that, she lifted her head up, smiling brightly at the young man. Her house was just down the road but the look on his face pulled at Hinata’s heartstrings. She felt too guilty to leave now that she had made a big mess out of this.

She was the one that probably seemed unstable!

As her soft laughter danced across the breeze Sasuke couldn’t help wondering just why exactly she was apologizing. Granted she’d overreacted slightly, but he had jumped out of a tree in the middle of the night, stalked over to her with a wicked smirk and declared her his prey. All that considered her reaction was pretty normal, wasn’t it? He shrugged it off, at least she seemed calmer now.

Sliding his hands into his pockets he watched her as she spoke, eyebrow arching curiously when her sentence trailed away to nothing. ‘What happened there?’ Suddenly his vision was filled with the sight of her hair fluttering between them as she bowed in an awkward rush, face carefully hidden, and Sasuke found himself intrigued. ‘Was she… blushing?’ He wondered, amused. ‘Omoshiroi.’ He schooled his features then, as she rose, careful not to betray his thoughts and offered up a simple: “Hn.

Having apologized profusely, she was watching him now with something akin to guilt and he wasn’t really sure why. What was it about this girl? He could nearly feel the emotions rolling off her in vehement waves, though they’d only just met. Sasuke paused, thoughtful, and wondered how he could use this unexpected turn to his advantage. When it came to him, his lips fell into a familiar devious smirk; dark eyes dancing with mirth.

Spend the night with me.

Mar 10
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Beneath the Stars - Sakura


“Ne, ne-! Sa-ke-su-ke-kunnn!” She emphasized each syllable of her newfound nickname for him and sits back up, finding the onyx-eyed photographer upright as well with an expression that had a look of contempt—probably upset at the bottle of sake which she now assumed was empty. One bottle was definitely not enough for both of them. 

She was going to have to care sooner or later—but her conscience chose the latter. She didn’t want to leave while the stars were sharing their laughter with her. “They’re like bells, y’know?” she turned to her companion and pointed a finger to the sky, wanting him to look up—thinking he could actually hear them too.  

Truth be told, she would have heard them in her head—whether or not she drank the sake he offered. It just made it easier this time. Maybe she should consider buying one for herself sometime. She lowered her arm and proceeded to take his camera, still conscious enough not to drop it by accident. “Over here, Mister Photographer!” she called out with a snorted giggle, clumsily attempting to take his photo. 

She clicked it once. Twice. Three or four times. Each shot looking worse than before. Looking at him up close, it was only then that Sakura found him extremely attractive. His coal-dark hair, his deep, serious eyes… 

“Is it me, or is do all cameras make everyone look a million times more attractive, Sake-suke.” she muttered in a rhetorical manner, her fingers scanning through the previous photos he took, all of which were blurry to her eyes. All she could see was something pink. Was that her hair? 

With a frustrated groan Sasuke ran a hand through his hair and glared at the empty sake bottle he’d just tossed away, how dare it be empty when she was calling his name like that; all loud and emphasized just for the sake of it. There must be somewhere he could get more at this time of night. He furrowed his brow in thought. ‘Maybe the girl has an idea. Then again,' He mused. 'she doesn’t seem like much of a drinker.

He slid his dark eyes over to her as she asked him some strange question or another, something about bells? He hadn’t really heard her, but she was pointing off into the distance and watching him with a such pleading look that he humored her. He tilted his head in the direction she’d pointed, narrowing his eyes suspiciously as he saw nothing but stars and darkness. What was he looking for again? He honestly couldn’t remember, brain sluggish with inebriation, so he simply stared hoping it would come to him.

That’s when Sasuke felt it, his camera being lifted from him, and his fingers darting much too slowly to rescue it. /Over here, Mister Photographer!”/ He spun on the pink-haired girl beside him, a curse jumping to his lips as the world went white. Not once, not twice but four fucking times she photographed him; much too close and flash bulb blazing. He growled, low and threatening, blinking the spots from his vision and considered himself lucky he hadn’t gone blind. 

/Is it me, or is do all cameras make everyone look a million times more attractive, Sake-suke.”/ He twitched at the nickname. “Give me that." He muttered, snatching the camera from her clumsy hold and frowning as he turned it in his hands; inspecting it’s condition. ‘It looks alright' Sasuke decided with a sudden wash of relief. He was very protective of his camera, in fact had he been sober it never would have left his grasp. '…damn sake.

Once he was satisfied she’d done no damage he swapped his attention to the photos she’d taken, perusing them with a snort. “Nicely done." Sasuke commented, his voice thick with sarcasm. "Is this supposed to be me?" He turned the screen towards her displaying an image that was nothing more than a dark blur and shook his head trying his best to hide his amusement.